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Training Days

SMHRA conducts organized dog training starting in February and continuing thru August that is available to all SMHRA members in good standing. The training is tailored for dogs and handlers of all skill levels/abilities. Experienced dog handlers are available to coach/mentor less experience handlers as requested.

From mid-May thru August the training sessions are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 3:30 pm and continuing till dark. The location of this training is at the Old Oak Kennels located in Blooming Prairie, MN. The Old Oak Kennel’s training grounds has the required features (including technical ponds) to set up concepts that would be expected at any AKC Hunt Test.

Training Rules of Conduct

All persons who participate in SMHRA training sessions must adhere to the SMHRA Training Rules of Conduct. These rules are:

1) All members who participate in SMHRA Training Sessions shall help with the setup, running and tear down of the training session.


Examples of how members can help include:

  • Setting up and taking down equipment

  • Throwing birds

  • Shooting guns (live rounds or poppers), Training Pistols, Shotgun Simulators

  • Blowing duck calls

  • Re-birding

  • Bagging birds at the line

2) All members shall be responsible to pickup all garbage. This includes the pickup of all used birds. BIRD CARCASSES SHALL NOT BE DISPOSED OF ON THE TRAINING GROUNDS. Members shall treat the landowner’s property with respect.

3) The consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted in the training area. No one who has consumed alcoholic beverages shall operate any firearms regardless of the type of ammunition used (e.g. - live rounds, poppers or primers).

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